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University College-Newark Scholarship Fund

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Why this program is important

University CollegeNewark (UCN) is a college designed for the adult student who has work and family obligations during the day and who attends class in the evening or on Saturday. The college is served by the distinguished Faculty of Arts and SciencesNewark and supported by coadjutant faculty who bring to the classroom their special expertise in professional studies and the world of business and government. 

What your donation makes possible

Your gift will help University College students take advantage of a wide variety of course offerings and choose from majors in nearly 40 fields. Nearly 60 percent of the colleges 1,600 students are members of minority groups; more than half are women. Nearly one-third of University Colleges students are between the ages of 24 and 34. Most are undergraduate students, although some are pursuing a second bachelors degree or plan to go on to graduate school in a different area of study. 

Thanks to donor support, Rutgers University–Newark continues to build local partnerships that make an impact on the educational, economic, and civic life of the city, amplifying its rich cultural and social justice legacy. 

Why your generosity is vital to Academic Excellence

We are committed to driving inclusive access for students to Rutgers with an aspiration to be the national model for outstanding academic programs, social mobility and educational equity with purposeful and timely degree completion, career preparation and lifelong learning.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!