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School of Arts and Sciences—Newark Dean's Scholarship Fund

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Why this program is important

With degrees offered in nearly 40 undergraduate fields, 17 master’s programs, and 8 doctoral programs, the School of Arts and Sciences–Newark (SASN) provides opportunities for academic exploration in a wide range

of studies. From its founding as Dana College in 1930 to its current status as the second largest unit in Rutgers University, the school has served the city of Newark and the surrounding region for more than eighty years.

What your donation makes possible

The School of Arts and Sciences–Newark cultivates a wide range of talent. Your gift will benefit hardworking students who seek for a world-class liberal arts education in a major urban center full of remarkable opportunity and diversity. This diversity is not only reflected in the student body, but in the wide breadth of academic experiences available and the amazing array of professional and personal opportunities afforded to our undergraduate and graduate students.

Why your generosity is vital to Academic Excellence

We are committed to driving inclusive access for students to Rutgers with an aspiration to be the national model for outstanding academic programs, social mobility and educational equity with purposeful and timely degree completion, career preparation and lifelong learning.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!