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Camden College of Arts and Sciences Academic Excellence

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Why this program is important

The CCAS Academic Excellence Fund is the main scholarship fund for academically talented students to attend CCAS. These students serve as role models for maintaining CCAS as a college that provides exceptional opportunities for helping students reach their highest potential.

Attracting high-performing, high-caliber students to CCAS is a critical part of our mission. In particular, we want to increase enrollment of high-potential students from low- and moderate-income backgrounds, and this scholarship program significantly encourages their enrollment at CCAS.

What your donation makes possible

Supporting the Camden College of Arts and Sciences Academic Excellence Fund helps to attract high-performing students. Every dollar will go toward improving the chances of an academically gifted student succeeding in their academic program in CCAS.

Funds will be used to attract academically talented students to CCAS, and to aid in their payment of tuition.

Why your generosity is vital to Academic Excellence

We are committed to driving inclusive access for students to Rutgers with an aspiration to be the national model for outstanding academic programs, social mobility and educational equity with purposeful and timely degree completion, career preparation and lifelong learning.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!