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Africana Studies-Newark Experiential Learning Fund

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Why this program is important

Black Studies is local and global. Your gift to the Africana Studies-Newark Experiential Learning Fund ensures students participate in substantive engagement opportunities in NJ, the U.S., and the world to supplement in-class learning.

Off-campus learning is essential to the growth and intellectual development of a cosmopolitan student. This is also true for students who major and/or minor in Africana Studies at Rutgers-Newark. Since the hard-fought victory to establish this department more than 50 years ago – our mission has not changed. We teach our students about the complexities, nuances, and lived experiences of people in the African Diaspora through multidisciplinary scholarly engagement. This fund will help to support students who participate in internships, research projects, explorations of cultural institutions, conference presentations, and study abroad opportunities.

What your donation makes possible

Our 21st-century students have already been witnesses to global events that have impacted Black lives everywhere. Our majors and minors, regardless of their economic circumstances, should have access to the educational opportunities provided by off-campus exploration. These off-campus experiences not only provide students with practical learning opportunities, but help them to think critically about the world around them and their roles as engaged citizens.

Your donation will provide funds to students to offset expenses incurred while participating in off-campus educational opportunities. Students may use funds for public transit to a nonprofit organization for an internship, to subsidize tickets to cultural institutions, to supplement their expenses for a semester at an African or Caribbean University, or help to fund their participation in the department’s faculty-led study abroad programs to Africa, the Caribbean or Europe.

Why your generosity is vital to Academic Excellence

We are committed to driving inclusive access for students to Rutgers with an aspiration to be the national model for outstanding academic programs, social mobility and educational equity with purposeful and timely degree completion, career preparation and lifelong learning.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!